Our Executive Team

Mr. Jude Mndeme

Managing Director

Telephone:  +255 0655-338348

Email:  jude.mndeme@hightech.co.tz

Mr. Mndeme’s Brief Resumé    

Mr. Gordian Ntake

Director of Finance & Administration

Telephone:  +255 0784-226073

Email:  gordian.ntake@hightech.co.tz

Mr. Ntake’s Brief Resumé    

Mr. Faustin Rugaiyula

Director of Technology & Engineering Services

Telephone:  +255 0784-628675

Email:  faustin.rugaiyula@hightech.co.tz

Mr. Rugaiyula’s Brief Resumé    

Mr. Godfrey Ntake

Communications & IT Manager

Telephone:  +255 0716-149107

Email:  godfrey.ntake@hightech.co.tz

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Mr. Benezet Macha


Telephone:  +255 0000-00000

Email:  benezet.macha@hightech.co.tz

Mr. Benezet’s Brief Resumé    

Dr. Pasteur L. Ntake

Advisor & Silent Partner

Telephone:  +52 000 000 0000

Email:  pasteur.ntake@hightech.co.tz

Dr. Ntake’s Brief Resumé    

Mrs. Karen A. Ntake

North American/Carribean Purchasing Manager

Telephone:  +52 000-000-0000

Email:  karen.ntake@hightech.co.tz

Mrs. Ntake’s Brief Resumé