Hightech Systems Is Connecting African Communities With Technology  From Around The World!  

Land Surveying & Mapping

 Hightech Systems features top brands in Land Surveying & Mapping equpment!

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Total Stations

GNSS/RTK Differential GPS

Electronic Theodolites

Automatic Levels

Eletronic Distance Meters

We have a broad selection of accessories available:

Tripod, Ranging Poles, Level Staff, Steel Tapes… And More!

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Forestry Equipment

Hightech Systems offers a diverse selection of products

Navigation Instruments

Weather Station Equipment

Fire and Rescue

Earth Science Education

Reference Books & Materials

Lab Equipment


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Laboratory Solutions
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Hightech Systems offers the finest quality

Laboratory Solutions

Soil Quality Managment

Analytical Instruments

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Hightech Systems offers the finest precision Lapidary Machinery manufactured by Imahashi!

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Information Technology
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Hightech Systems can help you achieve High Performance Computing with a system build just for you!

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Office Solutions

Hightech Systems can help you “align your business for success!”

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Airport Security Detection Systems

Hightech Systems can help you provide security with innovative technology!

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Wireless Communications Equipment

Hightech Systems offers  Communications Solutions that help you connect around the world!


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Broadcasting Equipment
Retro microphone in the old studio with on air sign

Hightech offers High Quality in Broadcasting equipment

Satellite Dishes/Receivers

Intercom Systems

Card Recorders

Microphones  •  Headphones


Audio Tapes  •  Reel-To-Reel Tapes


Audio Cables


Memory Cards

Rechargeable Batteries

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Test & Measurement Equipment

High quality products and many brands to choose from!


 Signal Generators  •  Frequency Counters

Oscilloscopes  •  Multimeters

Wattmeters  •  Scopemeters

Complete Tool Kits

Soldering Irons

Cable Strippers

And More…

Learn more about the variety of Test & Measurement Equipment and Tools we offer