Hightech Systems is Connecting African Communities with technology  from around the world!  


Land Surveying & Mapping

Hightech Systems provides a broad range of Land Surveying & Mapping instruments, featuring premier brands that include: Pentax, Leica, Sokkia, Stonex, and Topcon;  the Total Station is one of the leading all-encompassing instruments on the market.

Laboratory Solutions

From Educational to Bio-Chemical operations, Hightech Systems can provide what it necessary to facilitate a fully operational lab.  With access to some of the most reputable brands available, as well as the most current technology required to achieve results.

Forestry Operations

From fighting fires to finding your way; or everything one needs to equip a fully operational weather outpost. Hightech Systems can provide over 400 products represented within 36+ reputable brands; of some of the most recognized resources in the field.

Lapidary Machinery

Hightech Systems represents some of the most recognized machinery in the Lapidary Industry. Precision technology that is handcrafted, and continually evolving. We can provide anything from Centerless Grinders to Faceting Units.


Live broadcasting is about delivering the highest quality programming, instantly and on cue – there is no second take. Hightech Systems can provide solutions that help you meet the expectations of your audience.

You have needs …

Hightech Systems has the solutions!

Land Surveying & Mapping

Forestry Equipment

Laboratory Solutions


Information Technology

Office Solutions

Airport Security Systems

Wireless Communications

Broadcasting Equipment

Test & Measurement Equipment

Test & Measurement Equipment

Hightech Systems provides high performance test and measurement equipment provided by several reputable manufacturers and brands.  Equally so, a broad range of high quality tools to ensure precise results.

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Whether you need to communicate locally, over long distances, and globally; Hightech Systems is able to provide a broad range in communications equipment to meed your needs:  cellular phones, HF/VHF/UHF Two-Way radios, and Satellite Phones.

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Information Technology

Hightech Systems provides flexibility To ensure high performance computing! Featuring one of the leading brands in the industry, all of the CybertronPC systems are built with a modular design that allows you to upgrade or add to the system.

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Office Solutions

HIghtech Systems can help you align your business for success!  We can provide the solutions you need to ensure your operations are fluid and efficient.  We have equipment available from reputable brands including: Canon, Panasonic, and Mega Bell.

Airport Security Systems

The leading in Airport Security Systems is not limited to the travel industry!  Major event security to corporate environments;  Hightech Systems can provide security with some of the most innovative technology used in the industry.